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 The Vine

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PostSubject: The Vine   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:43 pm

John 15:1-8

Ashlee and I recently learned this song called Lord Move, or Move Me by FFH. We fell completely in love with it. And it got me thinking about the changes God is making to his church today. We are friends with pastors from many churches, and they tell us about what God has going on in their respective churches, and about peoples reactions to what He is doing.

In each telling, they spoke of a group who was refusing to accept the changes. In Tennessee, the members are rampaging with gossip trying to tear down new people that are coming in. In Arkansas, they are bucking the changes as hard as they can. Some of the same things are even happening in a few of the churches here in Hannibal.

God is rising up a people to be a part of this new movement. He is growing fruit in their spirit. He is getting them ready for a battle.

Those of us who aren't with what God is doing, he will remove. If we are not baring fruit, we will be cut off from the vine. I believe this not only applies to the vine that gives us salvation, but to the church. If God is taking a church in a certain direction, and members refuse to follow that direction, God will cut them out. It's as simple as that. If we are the body of Christ, and a member of that is hurting the body, it's like cancer. Surgeons cut out cancer in order to save the body. Work with the flow, or leave. That's the only choices we have as a member of a church.

With these changes God is making to the church and each individual member will come some loss. This scripture talks about purging the vine in order for it to grow. Every year, people cut their rose bushes down so that they will grow fresh and new the next season. The rose bush loses some limbs, but as a result, it becomes even more beautiful. God cuts off some of our limbs in order for us to grow new and beautiful ones. When we see change, many go through trials and tribulations. Yes, many of these trials are brought on by the devil as a way to stop the miracles God has in store, but some of them are God purging the vine.

I'm excited to see what God has in store for his church. I know there's a dark tunnel to travel through, but on the other side God's glory shines bright.
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The Vine
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