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PostSubject: Seeds   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:48 pm

I was watching TBN the other day. Breakthrough with Rod Parsley was on. The whole episode was about sowing your "Ressurection Seed." The main goal was to get people to donate money to the show with the promise that God was going to give back to them more than usual because this year was a special year. Well, I don't know anything about that, but the show did get me to thinking on "seeds."

Many people talking about planting seeds as just giving money. I don't mind giving money to a ministry that I support, and I understand that ministries need money to stay up and running so please don't get What I'm about to say next wrong. One of the most annoying things to me is ministries who never use the term planting seeds in anything, but in talking about handing money to them.

Anything that God can use to grow fruit is a seed. Seeds are planted when you give the Word to people. Seeds are planted when you show someone a gesture of love. Seeds are planted when you donate your time to anyone.

There is also such a thing as a bad seed. If you gossip behind someones back, you are planting seeds of distrust. If you tease someone, cause fights, or steal, you are planting seeds of hatred.

The thing God revealed to me about seeds is something I already knew, but rarely think about. Many of us plant our seeds and move on without ever thinking what will happen to them.

Seeds planted in fertile soil grow into a plant of some kind. Those plants, when taken care of properly, will then grow fruit. Fruit produces new seeds that need planted. If you give someone the gospel message, they may in turn tell many others the same message. If you donate your time to someone, they may be inspired, and spend time with others also. If you give money to the church, they can then give to others who need.

I was told a story long ago of which I don't remember most parts. There was a boy who worked at a super market that had never heard of Jesus. A person walked through with a load of groceries in that boys register line. That person ended up telling the boy of Jesus. That boy then in turn became one of the popular ministers we see on TV. (I apologize for not remembering any of the names.)

That was an example of how seeds grow to produce more seeds.

Remember, when you have the opportunity to plant a seed, please do because it mind end up producing a tree of the most beautiful fruit. Who knows, that seed might produce the seed that will save your family.
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