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PostSubject: Hell   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:50 pm

Ashlee and I went to a revival a few months ago at Victory Baptist on Broadway. It was an interesting experience beings it was our first traditional Baptist service (traditional meaning old fashioned southern Baptist.) We like to hit up all the revivals we can because they are often times refreshing. Nothing compares to my home church, however.

Last nights service was one that I haven't heard in a long time, and I wish I could hear more often. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy hearing about the love of God and his mercy. However, this subject is one that many pastors stray away from.

In Revelation, John was instructed to write down all that he saw. The things he saw were the future. He saw people going to Hell. He saw people going to Heaven. Last night's question was, "Where did John see you?"

Hell is a real and physical place of the hottest flames imaginable. It doesn't burn flesh and bone because flesh and bone returned to dust. The fires of Hell burn something far more precious. It burns something that cannot be burnt up: the soul.

Many people don't want to hear about this fiery place called Hell. They call the people who speak on them "Hell Fire and Brimstone" preachers. Maybe then, that is what Jesus was because he often times spoke on this place.

Hell is a place of which to be terrified. People don't enjoy pain. People don't enjoy suffering. If you do enjoy that kind of stuff (weirdo), you can trust and believe that the pain in this place is far more than even the most insane person can bare.

If you've already surrendered your life over to Christ, then you have nothing to be afraid of, right? John saw you going to Heaven. However, where did John see your parents? Where did John see your children and friends?

The Bible says to cast all your burdens on the Lord. All of those things that way us down on a daily basis, we can bring to the cross, and leave them there. The Bible also says, however, that his burden is light and easy. That means that there is one burden we are meant to carry. This burden is for lost souls. It's the same burden that Christ carried around with him. It was the physical burden he carried down the road to Calvary.

Hell is the perfect excuse for us to carry that burden. Hell is the perfect excuse for us to get a passion to reach lost souls.
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