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PostSubject: Mission   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:57 pm

I have been thinking a lot lately about the verse in the Bible that talks about the harvest being great but the laborers being few.

A previous pastor of mine said something to me that stuck. "You are either a missionary or a mission field." These words are hard to hear for many people if you sit down to think about them. They can be almost offensive. The thing is, however, they are true words.

In the human body, every part needs to be doing something for there to be proper function. If there is one organ or one area not doing its job, doctors are sent in to fix it up. They need to be revivatized, medicated, or sometimes even removed.

This concept is one the Bible illustrates by calling the church the body of Christ. Every member is a part and has a job to do. Each job somehow glorifies (or is supposed to) God. Some are called to sing the gospel through praise and worship. Some are called to preach the gospel through sermons and lessons. Some are called to show the gospel through charity, help, and love. Each person has their area of expertise.

If there is one part of the body of Christ that is refusing to function, it needs worked on. It needs ministered to. It needs help. The whole body suffers when one part just sits. The whole body suffers when one part rejects another part.

None are called to do nothing. I understand that a calling may not be reachable yet due to lack of schooling, not having permission yet, etc, but there is always something, though it may even be small, that someone can due while they are waiting for their grand calling to go into action.

If you are not in some way giving the gospel to the people who need it, you are causing the body to suffer, and you become the people who need it. You become the mission field where the body works, instead of being able to work with the body.
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