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 Listen for God's voice......

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Saved by the Blood

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PostSubject: Listen for God's voice......   Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:50 pm

As a Pastor's wife, I send out all birthday, anniversary cards, etc. When someone misses church, I send them a little note from the church telling them we missed them. We had a couple that came to church some of the time, but satan would always work against them to keep them at home on Sunday. I have sent cards, e-mails, and had finally stopped calling. I felt as if I was on the verge of harrassing them. They haven't been to church in over a year. On Saturday, as I was driving to Hannibal, I was prayng, as I normally do when I am alone. Suddenly a "thought" came into my head. it was, "Call John, (not his real name). Tomorrow is Easter. A new beginning." I thought to myself, they haven't been to church in over a year, and they probably wouldn't come anyway. The "thought" came again. So I thought , Ok, Lord, I'm going to do this. I got out my cell phone, and called "John". He happened to be riding his bike and had just pulled over in New London. Had I called any earlier or later, he wouldn't have heard the phone. I told him what the Lord had told me. He said, "You won't believe this, but Sue,(not her real name) just told me yesterday that we need to be at Easter services and get back to church, full time. You just confirmed that's what we need to do."
Guess who was at church on Sunday? They even brought a couple with them. God is always there. We just need to be still and listen. I thank God that I have learned to listen for Him to give me direction.

Cedar Hill Gospel Church
Woodland, MO
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PostSubject: Re: Listen for God's voice......   Mon Apr 13, 2009 5:36 pm

It also goes to show you that God can use such a small gesture of love to make a huge difference
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Listen for God's voice......
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