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 Heart of Praise

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PostSubject: Heart of Praise   Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:01 pm

I have taken a fond liking to the band Casting Crowns. The songs they write always minister to me in my times of need. I like the way they focus their songs toward the church. Their music is a way to preach without everyone noticing someone is preaching at them.

Lately, their song "Praise You in this Storm" has been playing in my mind. I read an article of theirs that discussed the reason they wrote that song. There was a little girl on her death bed with cancer. The doctors said that their was no chance of recovery. This day would be her last. Instead of crying... Instead of letting her thoughts beat her up... this little girl asked her family to read the Bible to her and sing her praise songs during her last moments. Instead of having turmoil take over her heart, she filled it up with praise for her King.

Everyone goes through trials on their journey through life. Lately, these trials have been escalating. I don't know what it is about this age, but Satan is attacking the children of God unrelentlessly. He is trying to discourage them, drown them in pain. He is doing all he can to stray them off their straight and narrow path. He is taking from us that joy the Lord gives us. Why? Because "the joy of the Lord is my strength."

Praise is all we really have. God does everything else for us. All we can do is praise him. David was the apple of God's eye because no matter what he went through, he found it in himself to praise God. The book of Psalms sets that example for us. Though the enemy is attacking, the Lord is great. Though the way is weary, it leads to his face. Count your blessings one by one, and thank God for them everyday. Through faith, thank God for the blessings to come. He inhabits the praises of him people. Bring God down into your presence with shouts of Joy. Amazing things happen when you praise God through it all. Changes occur. Miracles come to life. He delights when we are joyful. And those praises send the devil running with his tail between his legs.

We have spent our lives planting roots into the ground. The Bible tells us to plant our roots deep so that we can withstand the storm. Christians, don't uproot now. The storm is here. Make those roots stronger than ever by again finding that joy we once had in the Lord.
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Heart of Praise
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