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 Just Thinking Take Two

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PostSubject: Just Thinking Take Two   Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:04 pm

A while ago, I spent my time cleaning so that my wife would be able to come home only to relax. I always listen to music while I'm cleaning because it's the only thing that can keep me motivated. i have motivation issues. It's rare that I ever finish anything that I've started. A song came on my Ipod called "Hey Little Brother" by Ray Boltz. It's talking about the prodigal son. Everyone knows the big story of the prodigal son is that we were all once wayward children running away from the Father. The father of that child celebrated when he came back home. He threw a huge party and invited everyone over. The Bible states that when one of God's children come home, all the angels in Heaven rejoice with him. It also says that we need to rejoice when others rejoice.

I have seen all over Hannibal, on TV, and in books where pastors talk big on winning souls, but when people actually give their life over to Christ, they are thought of as statistics. "Wow, we had three people give their life to Christ in our church yesterday, how many did your church have?" etc.. How often do we truly get excited over it? How often do we celebrate someone giving their life over to Christ? We clap our hands, and that's where it usually ends. I wish I could afford to throw a "birthday party" each time somebody decides to allow Christ to give them new life. I wish we could show each individual how truly exciting the decision they have made is. When someone finally trusts Jesus, we should stop the presses and shout out welcoming them to the family, and flood them with love. I've seen too many times where new Christians were just put on the shelf to just sit back and enjoy the view. Instead of being invited into the church family, they have to force their way in to be noticed.

It's weird the things that God can reveal to youo while you are doing dishes...
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Just Thinking Take Two
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