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 For or Against

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PostSubject: For or Against   Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:28 pm

i woke up this morning, and God reminded me of the verse "If God be for us, who can be against us?"

And God isn't for this country anymore. He still has some people here that he loves and protects; however, the country as a whole is becoming an abomination. Then majority of the choices being made are anti-God. We are leaning more towards pro abortion, pro gay marriage, pro take God out of everything that offends someone. When government officials come in taking on the form of Godliness but dying the power thereof, this path to Godlessness will be quickened. God will not forsake his people, but this nation is going to lose his protection as a whole. Our songs will change from God Bless America to We Chased God from America. Why do you think America is having the hardships it is today? Poverty is creeping up on us. Wars are going to start killing off more and more of us and not result in us winning.

There are too many people that believe we don't need God in certain aspects of our lives. We don't need God in schools because God can't help the kids learn math. The kids there need not be offended by the gospel because the other religions might get offended. We don't need God in the white house. What would be the point? It would go against our constitution giving everyone equal freedom. (as i stated freedom only comes through Christ."

The people with these thoughts are chasing out God, and then they ask God why the nation is crumbling. God's reply, "because you won't let me in to help"
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For or Against
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