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 Rank Competition

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PostSubject: Rank Competition   Rank Competition Icon_minitimeThu Oct 30, 2008 3:44 pm

In order to claim your rank, the qualified person must send the administrator a private message claiming to have completed the qualifications for a rank. The admin will then look over the persons posts to see if they are truly qualified. If so, the rank will be applied. Post Ranks are automatically applied.

Beginner Rank - Newbie

Post Ranks

Pew Warmer - 50 posts
Believer - 100 Posts
bible Basher - 150 Posts
Jesus Freak - 200 Posts
Radically Saved! - 250 posts
Special Rank - ??? Posts

Bible Study Ranks
In order to obtain the qualifications for these ranks, your posts under the Bible study topic must be relevant to the study, and state a fact, question, or idea that is over 5 words.

Bible Student - 10 Posts
Bible Degree - 30 Posts
Bible Scholar - 60 Posts

Friend Recommendations

In order to obtain these ranks, you must invite a friend, have them register to the forum, and post at least 5 times. In order to receive credit for the friend invite, that friend must send the administrator a private message stating who invited them. All registered members will be checked out to make sure they are not bots or people with multiple accounts.

Greeter - 2 Friends
Witness - 4 Friends
Evangelist - 6 Friends
Missionary - 8 Friends

Topic Starter
Topics must be legit, and the first post must be over 5 words long and partain to whatever the category is about.

JabberJaw - 10 Topics
ChatterBox - 15 Topics
Talk-a-Holic - 20 Topics

Rank Master - Given to whomever completes all ranks.

Temp Ranks
Depending on the season, there may be seasonal ranks available for games that are played in the forum during that season. Seasons being Holidays, events, seasons, and any other game that may be played in a time period to earn a winning Title.
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Rank Competition
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