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 The Church Needs to Get Off Their... Donkey?

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PostSubject: The Church Needs to Get Off Their... Donkey?   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:30 pm

Disclaimer: Any action or statement made by members of the church are not necessarily supported by the church board. Do not judge an entire church by the opinions and actions of individual members.

I was remembering back to a Sunday School class my wife attended a couple of months ago. It was an interesting one for my wife.. The discussion was on the faults of Jehovah's Witness. My wife spoke up, and said, "At least they have one thing right." The majority of the Sunday School replied with saying they didn't have anything right. Ashlee stated, "They are out there door to door knocking trying to win people to their sides." Jehovah's Witness has evangelism down to the T. The Sunday School retorted that Jehovah's Witness devoted their lives to that kind of thing and they were all busy, and didn't have time to do the same.

There's a story about Balaam, a prophet for God, who was traveling towards a town that was out to kill him. An angel stood before his donkey, and the donkey kept fighting that direction. Balaam whipped his donkey. Finally, the angel allowed the donkey to speak english. He basically said, "Hey! Why do you keep beating me like that! I'm trying to save your life from the path of destruction!"

The church needs to get up off their "ass." It's fighting them all the way telling them they are down a path of destruction, and they keep pushing it to go. They need to get off it and head out there reaching the lost.

You don't have time to devote your life to Christ? Isn't that what we as Christians need to be doing? Christ IS our life. He GAVE us life. He gave his life for us. We are called to die on the cross with him spiritually, and give our lives to him as well.

It's time for the true Christians to stand up, and say, "If my life is too busy for Christ, then I need to die to myself, and get new life in Christ and for Christ."

If you are too busy for Jesus, then you are too busy.
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The Church Needs to Get Off Their... Donkey?
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