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 Lesson Learned

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PostSubject: Lesson Learned   Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:34 pm

God has a funny sense of humor. I remember back to a certain morning. I woke up feeling cruddy because of a long night last night. I was determined to find an excuse to not go to church, but being tired wasn't good enough. My son woke up running a really high fever. I jumped on that (not that I liked him being sick) as an excuse. Someone needed to stay home with him. When that idea came to my mind, his fever suddenly left. I had no more excuses. So my next thing to get out of was singing. (I'm the praise team leader) I had on the wrong clothes for the dress code. The Pastor told me atleast I didn't come in my underpants. That excuse flew out the window. My next excuse was I probably wouldn't know any of the songs. (I'm still a little new to the church and we didn't practice last week because the revival) It just so happens that I knew each song. God made sure that none of my excuses work, so I had to grudgingly get on stage to lead praise. All of us have those grumpy days. But that wasn't where I was taught my lesson.

Pastor Dale got up to take up offering before the praise service. Another member of the church took that moment to make an announcement. I kept telling my son to sit down, but he was refusing to listen to me. He argued until he made it next to Dale. He reached down into his pocket, and pulled out his soda money. He then proceeded to place that money in Pastor Dale's hand and walk away. I couldn't help but to cry. Isaiah was willing and happy to worship God any way he could. And that was his way.

The Bible to tells us to come to him like a child. A child is pure and full of joy. Anything they do on their own, they do happily. It's the truest way to worship. A child has no doubt in what they put their faith in, and they know how to love you no matter what you do. They look up to you, and mimic what you teach them.

I woke up with the idea of getting the day over with, but Isaiah woke up with joy and the willingness to be receptive to the voice of God. He was ready to worship, while all I wanted to do was grumble.

If my son can worship purely without any grudge... why can't all of us as older Christians? We understand who God is more than he does, and we all have things the Christ brought us out of.. but we have to drag ourselves out of bed Sunday morning and fill ourselves full of coffee just to keep our eyes open during service much less worship Christ..

God taught me a lesson. I hope you take the lesson he taught me, and think on it before he gives you a slap in the face too.
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Lesson Learned
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